As soon as they learn to walk, kids can help around the house. Small tasks like unloading spoons from the dishwasher or putting their blocks away are simple and engaging enough to make them possible as well as entertaining. Little ones' assistance extended beyond the home and to the family vehicle because, I'm sure you noticed, kids may be small, but their messes are sure big! Here are five ways the kids can help care for our family car:

If you bring it in, bring it out: This rule actually applies to all of us; if we bring it in the car, we are responsible for removing it. Bags, food wrappers, cups-it all adds up to create a lot of clutter in the car! These things are cleaned up the second we get home to ensure it gets done. You know what they say about procrastination!

Hands off!: A hard rule that kids aren't allowed to touch the glass means less fingerprints and clearer vision. Not only is it cleaner, but it's also safer to have smudge-free windows and mirrors!

Teamwork: When it's time to wash the car, everyone pitches in. The youngest can scrub tires, whomever you trust to wield the hose can rinse away the soap, and this way, everyone helps. If the entire family is invested in the car's cleanliness, you're liable to keep your vehicle much cleaner and for much longer.

Easy maintenance: Start'em young! As soon as kids are old enough to read the various gauges on the dash, ask them to help keep track of mileage and when it's time to get gas. Fair warning, though: you'll likely create backseat drivers who will shame you any time you're a few miles over the speed limit!

Automobile accountability: This is the most effective way for everyone to be accountable for their stuff: if you mess it up, you clean it up. And this includes Mom and Dad!

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