Safely and Effectively Remove Odor from Car Interior �
Between that rotting banana peel your kid forgot to mention he left under the seat and the abundance of sweaty athletic equipment in the trunk, our family vehicles get stinky quickly! Because a car's interior is an enclosed space, it's important to treat any smell safely and, if possible, naturally. After you've given the car a good cleaning, try these safe and effective smell-busters to keep the stink from returning:�

1. Baking soda: All-natural and a known cure for stink, rub a liberal amount of baking soda into the smelly culprit, let it sit, then vacuum it up.�
2. Charcoal: Take a few pieces of charcoal from your grill and sit them in your car for a few days. Place them on pieces of foil so you don't stain your upholstery, and within a few days any odor will have been absorbed into the charcoal.�
3. DIY air fresheners: If citrus is your thing, spritz cotton balls with lemon juice and store them throughout your car. Or throw coffee beans in a jar and poke holes in the lid for a constant whiff of java. You can even make your own hanging air freshener by dousing a piece of felt in your favorite scent and using string to hang it from your rearview mirror. So much cheaper than any store-bought freshener!�
4. Steam: A little steam can go a long way, dislodging otherwise stuck-on dirt and grime. Pair your steaming with made-for-car-upholstery shampoo, and give that interior a good scrub.�
5. Vinegar: Hard to get rid of smells, such as cigarette smoke, need a good one-two punch, and vinegar gives it just that. Depending on the size of your car, fill as many small bowls as necessary (a two-door sedan would likely need one, while an 8-passenger SUV or van would probably need three) with white-distilled vinegar and soak a towel in each bowl. Leave the vinegar-towel solutions in the vehicle overnight, and in the morning, the vinegar and stench should both be soaked into the towels. Repeat as necessary.�
A clean car is the best defense against odor, but sometimes a little stink is hard to avoid. The all-natural and family-friendly options below don't cost a lot and are effective against even the smelliest smells!�

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