5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Tires

Five Easy Ways to Extend the Life of your Tires When Driving in Yonkers, NY

When a tire blows, it can be pretty scary. The noise, the car shaking, being stuck at the side of the road until you're able to change out the spare or until friends, family, or roadside service comes to help you . . . it's a stressful and sometimes traumatic scene for drivers. When a tire needs to be replaced unexpectedly, there's additional trauma to your wallet! Since tires are replaced in pairs, proper maintenance to extend the life of your tires can save you significantly.�

Here are five easy ways to extend the life of your tires and keep a few extra bucks in your bank account!

Check Your Tire Pressure: Most vehicles have a sticker on the inside of your door panel with the recommended tire pressure. A quick stop at your local gas station and a couple of quarters (sometimes the air machines are free, which is even better!) can keep your tires inflated properly and ensure proper wear. It can also help improve your gas mileage!

Get Your Tires Rotated Regularly: Getting even wear on all of your tires can also extend the time between replacements. Some mechanics recommend rotating tires at every oil change, while other service technicians go for the every-other-oil-change cycle. Ask your mechanic about the schedule they feel is most appropriate for your vehicle and stay on a schedule.

Check Your Tire Balance: Usually done at the same time as a tire rotation, checking that your tires are properly balanced means that all four tires are the same weight. If the weigh is off, you may feel a tire bouncing or wobbling, which can decrease tread wear, increase vibration, and put stress on your vehicle. An unbalanced tire is easily fixed by adding small weights to the tire's rim.

Get the Right Tire for Your Car: Every vehicle has a different recommendation for tires, which is based off the tire's speed rating. Choosing the correct tire for your specific car can extend the life of not only your tires, but your vehicle, overall. Not sure what sort of tires you need? Check the owner's manual or ask your mechanic.

Check Your Car's Alignment: While an alignment has its own price tag, if you feel your car pulling to the left or right while driving, it's time to get your alignment checked. If your car isn't properly aligned, your tires can wear out abnormally and put you in higher risk of a blow out.

If you have any questions on how to properly maintain your tires contact us at the Service Department! To find out which tires are right for your vehicle, take advantage of our Tire Finder!

Jenn Leisey is a freelance writer by day and retail worker by night who rocks harder than she rolls. Read more of her stories about finding the balance in a life on wheels on her blog,�Doing Wheelies.


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